Nicola Risley's oil paintings

Gallery - Portraits of some handsome ethnical groups, Kenya

Moran warrior

Moran warrior with an exceptional necklace (50cm x 50cm) : 2,500 Euros

Moran brother

Moran brother (50cm x 50cm) : 600 Euros

Young Samburu girl

Samburu girl, not yet married (50cm x 50cm) : 600 Euros

Moran Elder

A married Moran (50cm x 50cm) : 600 Euros

Singing Moran

Moran of thunder (50cm x 50cm) : 600 Euros

Samburu danser

Samburu Moran danser (1m20 x 80cm) : 5,000 Euros

Samburu clapping

Samburu Moran clapping (1m20 x 80cm) : 1,500 Euros

Samburu elder danser

Samburu elder danser (1m20 x 80cm) : 1,500 Euros

Shampole Maasai

Shampole Maasai (1m20 x 80cm) : 1,500 Euros

Maasai Moran

Maasai Moran (1m20 x 80cm) : 1,500 Euros

Rendilli bride

Rendilli bride (50cm x 50cm) : 2,500 Euros

Rendilli doko

Rendilli doko. When a Rendilli mother has her first son, she ornates her head with a doko (80cm x 80cm) : 3,000 Euros

Samburu beauty Queen

Samburu beauty Queen (80cm x 80cm) : 800 Euros

Shampole wife

Shampole wife (50cm x 50cm) : 600 Euros

Young Samburu wife

Young Samburu wife (80cm x 80cm) : 800 Euros

Unmarried Samburu danser

The turning point danser (80cm x 80cm) : 700 Euros

Samburu girls

Samburu girls (33cm x 41cm) : 900 Euros