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Nicky Risley

Journalist: Now living in France but born in Kenya, Nicola Risley draws her inspiration from this beautiful wild country that still has some traditions left that are almost intact.

Nicola Risley: It all started with the people that I admire so much - the ethnic groups there. I feel that there is not enough done (in terms of communication) on these ethnic groups - to show how interesting these people are, especially the Samburu. They are cousins of the Masai. What I admire about them is their complete lack of interest for material things - the exact opposite of us - and with this attitude, they are able to maintain their culture ...

Journalist: A life in the savannah near to the animals, Nicola returns there once a year and spends time with different tribes. Invited during official ceremonies, the autodidact transcribes the attires, necklaces and the attitude of the inhabitants.

Nicola Risley: They grow their hair and I love the way they put ochre and grease in their hair - their long hair -and it's a Nilotic tribe that means that they have very fine features. I just adore the whole picture: the necklaces, the fine features, their hair, and their expressions. These people are used to living in the bush and so it is a very hard life for them too.
Masai danser
Ol Doniyo Lengai volcano Tanzania
Journalist: About forty paintings are exhibited as an anthropologist's study to understand the daily life and culture of these populations: a journey to the heart of Africa